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Goulds JRS10 1HP Shallow Water Well Jet Pump 115/230V

Goulds JRS10 1HP Shallow Water Well Jet Pump 115/230V

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Goulds JRS10 1HP Shallow Water Well Jet Pump 115/230V, Single Phase

The JRS shallow well jet pumps design has an integral shallow well jet built into the casing, which eliminates the need for a separate shallow well adapter. JRS pumps are easily serviceable with a back pullout design allowing for disassembly of pump for service without disturbing piping. Two compartment motor for easy access to motor wiring and replaceable components. Corrosion resistant, engineered plastic tubing and fittings are easily removed for cleaning. Premium O-ring design fittings need only be hand tight to seal. Additionally the JRS includes a drain plug for ease of winterizing and maintenance. The JRS Pump is specifically designed for homes, cottages, and booster service.

Product Details

- Horsepower: 1
- Phase: Single
- Volts: 115/230
- Pipe Connections: 1-1/4" Suction, 1" discharge
- Max Suction Lift: 20ft.
- Pressure switch: AS4 (30/50 preset)
- Built-in overload with automatic reset
- Rotation: clockwise when viewed from motor end

Includes pump with integral shallow well jet (nozzle and venturi), motor, pressure switch and tubing.

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